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Our Process of Development

As simple as that..

Analysis Design Development

Steps 1 - Requirement Analysis

This is the preliminary phase of any project before the project is awarded to Tech4sys Software Solutions. We give high priority to this requirement analysis phase as this is the crux and heart of the project to become a success. Client play a major role during this phase by giving as much input as possible to come up with the best solution.

Steps 2 - Navigational Layout

Business Analyst coordinates with the design team for making a HTML layout of every single feature in the project. This step is the nucleus of the project and we demand and insist that the client should provide a formal sign-off mail stating that they are satisfied with the design and accept that no further changes will be possible beyond this point.

Step 3 - Process Flow Analysis

Complete flow of the project is checked based on the features represented in the navigational layout. Client approval is taken before we proceed to the next step.

Step 4 - Data Dictionary/Database (DB) Design

The navigational layout is the foundation for creating the ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) which contains the set of DB tables along with the list of fields in those tables.

Step 5 - Program Design & Code Structure

This phase will be taken care by the Tech Lead of the project where he creates a complete code structure for the development team to start the coding. Code will be reviewed at every stage and certifies by the Tech Lead.

Step 6 - Work Breakdown Structure and Module Allocation

The project manager makes the work breakdown structure and distributes among the team members of the project.

Step 7 - Project Schedule

The completion dates of each module in the project will be taken by the team members after a detailed discussion on the features and its execution. The same will be passed to the client to have a rough idea on the project completion date.

Step 8 - Programming & Integration

Every programmer must test own work comprehensively before submitting for integration to Lead Programmer. Work must be done in spirit of zero defect tolerance.

Step 9 - System Testing & User Acceptance Testing

  • White Box Testing (Programmer)- The programmer will test the application and release the module as per the guidelines of Code structure.
  • Code Walkthrough (Tech Lead) - Tech Lead does a code walkthrough for work done by programmers and programmers may need to make certain revisions and resubmit their work.
  • Black Box Testing (Project Analyst) - After the Lead Programmer approves the module based on integration testing, the Project Analyst makes an issue list based on black box testing of the current module / release, highlighting the defects and the programmer responsible for those defects is identified based on discussion with Lead Programmer. The Issue log (Feature Testing Log for the module) must be tracked to completion.
  • Client Acceptance Testing - Client can also share the issue list. The client issues are recorded and the programmer responsible for each of those defects is identified based on discussion with Lead Programmer. The Issue log must be tracked to completion.

NOTE: We use tools like VERMIS and BUGZILLA to track the issues and also to add new features during the maintenance phases.

Step 10 - Live Application

After client approval, the application will be deployed to the live server. The above testing process will be repeated again in the live server.

Tech4sys Design & Development Process

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